Working With Us
We are a company run by engineers and understand the importance of your creative work first hand. There is little to no corporate culture. We don't offer company lunches, don't have a sleeping couch at our office and there are no meetings for the purposes of keeping managers occupied. However, you can work from home or any place of your choosing. It doesn't have to be full time. You will have a say in all decision making process and can work for equity or flat-fee based on milestone completion. Basically, we are a startup for startups.

Send your resume to
[email protected]
Applied Cryptography Engineer
With the emergence of blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, more and more startups turn to ICO model to raise money. We are looking for an engineer with a strong educational background in applied mathematics, cryptography, or computer science. No knowledge of the actual blockchain protocol is needed. We trust that you can read it, understand it, and implement it on your own if necessary.
UI/UX Graphics Designer
The design work is always desired for various projects. This can be part or full time, on equity or cash basis. If you are a creative person looking to make a significant impact while working on your own schedule, please send us your portfolio for consideration.
Legal Counsel
California / Delaware / Florida / Remote
There is a void in legal framework that startups can utilize to employ the new blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. If you are a licensed attorney with an interest in high-tech startups and ICO, and willing to provide counsel primarily based on equity, please don't hesitate to let us know.