Whatever you decide to do,
make sure it makes you happy.

- Paulo Coelho


Working with Us

We are a company run by engineers and understand the importance of your creative work first hand.

We have a strong client emphasis. Our mission is to change the way software services are contracted and offer a better way to deliver quality software products. There is little to no corporate culture. We don’t offer company lunches, don’t have a sleeping couch at our office and there are no meetings for the purposes of keeping managers occupied.

You can work from home or any place of your choosing. It doesn’t have to be full time. You will have a say in all decision making process and can work for equity or flat-fee based on milestone completion. Basically, we are a startup for startups.


Looking for Talent

In July of 2019, we launched a pilot version of the platform that automates sales commission offers and cashback payments for software development contracts.

Sales & Management

Leverage your existing network and get rewarded! Receive sales commission from developers you know and expand your client base. You can give cashback based on commission you receive and expand your client outreach.


Engineering is the core of our business. Our platform allows US based freelancers to give sales commission to recruiters and make offers on projects that have been preselected for them by their sales team. Spend less time searching and more time doing what you do best - coding!

Let's work together!

Our core team is located in the United States. We work with engineers in Eastern Europe and South America.
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